Website Promotion Without The Headache

If you are busy building tons of backlinks, worried about your keywords and pulling your hair out about SEO, shaking in your boots about thousands of competitive websites, and crying in your sleep over Google updates. Then you are not alone.

If that is you and you really are worried about any or all of the above, then I am here to say this, do not ever rely on any other company, website or search engine to get you results.

Terms Change

Over time, terms always change and if you do not keep up with those changes you may well fall by the wayside and lose customers, readers and ultimately money. Only if you are relying on those very websites for traffic.

New and Unique Content

All websites and blogs are crying out for new and unique content all the time. Google is a company just like any other and they want to offer the best and most relevant and unique content to give to their users. If it’s old and perhaps outdated content then that web page will ultimately end up not being ranked.

Outdated Websites

If your website looks a little outdated, then this will turn people off and they may leave without even reading what you have to say. The obvious answer to that is to keep your website looking current and new.

To keep up with all the changes and updates you will find yourself spending more time worrying about things like SEO and keywords along with the content you are trying to write.

This is an extra worry. Because in two or three years time it all starts over again. They make some change and you have to check your content, your keywords and a whole host of other stuff they now expect of you!

What can we do to combat this and stop worrying what they expect?

The first solution is to not rely on them. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, a good cliché that you should remember.

Do not only rely on Google’s PR system to get you traffic. Or any of the other stuff that is relevant right now.

Instead think outside the box. Here are a few alternatives you can think about.

Magazine and Newspaper Promotion

Is the internet the only place you can advertise your services? Have you ever thought of looking in real magazines or newspapers for promotion? Picking the right magazine which is relevant to your business is imperative.

Email Lists

Look into getting your business promoted using ezine publishers lists. A lot of ezine lists are always looking for content to send to their subscribers. Contact them and offer to write some content for them, promoting your website at the end of the article.

Forum Marketing

There are some internet marketers who make a killing by only promoting their products and services using forums. This one is not a quick fix, you will have to spend a lot of time there using the forum before you are trusted by other users.

Partner with Someone

You can partner with another business who is in the same niche as your own and cross promote each others products. How about building a joint venture product to offer to both of your existing customers. This can yield you very good results.


Of course it goes without saying the PPC will give you the fastest results, but Google is not the only place to advertise your wears. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and even YouTube are great alternatives.

I am not trying to convey that using SEO or Keywords is unimportant, what I am trying to say is don’t worry so much about it and concentrate your efforts on what you do best, not what other companies want you to do.

Give your readers the best experience you can and they will come back for more.

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